Mellifluous melodies

Under your hands sleek

Holding that wood bleak

You let it slide across the fret

Melody escaping where your fingers met

The to and fro metal strings

In harmony with the voice that sings

A soulful song straight from the heart

That puts together all that was broken apart

I sit entranced, enchanted and glued

In this moment time flies, I belong with you

And as the notes rise, into a haven I rise above

In that song I found solace, I found love.


Dad ♡

You are the light in my way when its dark around
You are the hand to get me back up from the ground
You are smile when the day is blue
A teacher, adviser, guiding angel, its all you 🙂
In every walk of life, u didn’t just show me how to do it, but made me believe that ‘I Can’ find out a way to conquer anything and everything.