Mellifluous melodies

Under your hands sleek

Holding that wood bleak

You let it slide across the fret

Melody escaping where your fingers met

The to and fro metal strings

In harmony with the voice that sings

A soulful song straight from the heart

That puts together all that was broken apart

I sit entranced, enchanted and glued

In this moment time flies, I belong with you

And as the notes rise, into a haven I rise above

In that song I found solace, I found love.


Are you happy?

When in a crowd, the speaker asks, ‘how many of you are happy?’ , I usually don’t see many hands going up. We limit our quest of a perfect life to having a secure job, a family, and maybe a good retirement plan. Spend our youthful days, saving up for a future we are not even sure of having. All we have is plans, lots of them. Maybe that book you always wanted to get your hands on, or the visit to an old friend you have been delaying for so long. Does it occur to you, to take a break from this rat race your life has become?

Order is a necessity of life, and things tend to be way less chaotic when planned, but to keep the things interesting, its good, to once in a while ask yourself,

When was the last time you did something new?

This keeps me rejuvenated, and I hope it will help you as well, to add a spark of uncertainty to an otherwise monotonous life.

Sometimes in life, aimless walks can uncover the euphoria we spent our lives searching for.