Blind power

We all need power, don’t we?
To be at a liberty to think, at liberty to see
The power to make our own choices
And of holding our heads high and free

Yet power corrupts one, doesn’t it?
To a stage where no restrictions seem anymore fit
When one feel superior to frivolous rebukes
And the power consumes us bit by bit

It’s a necessary evil that creeps in
Preceded by greed and followed by sin
And you abandon your friends and forfeit your kin
When Blinded by power, it’s all about a win

Pause and think, beyond this blindfold can you see?
Is this the ‘powerful’ you sought to be?
Power to you, to empower.



The air we inhaled, drawn by the lung

Vibrates in the neck moulded by the tongue

Forms a weapon, deadliest of all

That could be the rise or a fatal fall

Words, these mere words, written in ink

Before you utter, before you mutter, pause and think

They could foster a bond, dripping in sweet

Vary them a little, to be fierce, radiating heat

Your words waged wars, your words brought peace

Your words made promises, that they betray, or did they keep?

A gun without bullets, can bring no hurt

Pen is only mightier than sword, when laced with words

Echoing back and forth, you repeat and rewind

The said and unsaid, sounds of your mind

So before you speak, ponder over once

’cause once said, the damage is done

And this choice of words, makes all the difference.

( A follow-up to ‘the pen’ )

Is the war worthwhile?

Horns intertwined, on a plane inclined
A downwards slope it is
Rolling in the mud, covered up in blood
Your downfall it is
Screams an cries the throats are dry
On parched ground you lay
Agony and pain, what did you gain?
Ad that war stretched by the day
Realise your worst fears as the end comes near
Your last breath’s a sigh
Regret or relief, what do you believe?
Is the fight worthwhile?

Back soon..

Dear readers,

Thank you so much for all the support and encouragement, through out my blogging journey. I am a newbie to the amazing world of wordpress, and I’ve grown only due to the amazing readers who help transform my work to wonders.

This post is an apology for not being regular since the last week, and for being unavailable in the coming week too. Actually, I have some important exams lined up. With such a limited duration and vast syllabus I find myself incapable of posting regularly. I will be back in the second week of June.

Thank you for your patience and support. Miss you guys, stay tuned. ๐Ÿ™‚

– Love you loads

Divisha โค

The Brick Illusion

The illusion was posted on Facebook by Arron Bevin from Manchester, England, who said it took him “a good 5 minutes” to figure it out. It is an optical illusion, can you see something apart from the brick wall? Don’t jump to the comments yet… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Give it a try, and post your answers!! How long did it take you?


brick illusion.jpg



P.S. : It will leave your mind smoking a few minutes later..

Check back tomorrow for the answer!

















brick illusion.jpg