Unsure ways..

I stand on origin
I’m not sure which way
Positives it’s supposed to be
Yet, the negatives sway

The world spins
I face, not sure which way
Things seem to be heading south
Yet, there’s hope in the East ray

I find myself on the crossroads
I tread, not sure which way
Turns to be a weary road
And buried beneath, my demons lay.


Pollen powdered

Silver sparkled, translucent wings

Fluttered atop the flowers

Up and about the tree tops

Swayed by the mellow breeze

I spotted a dragonfly

Resting there in peace

Bent my hand to touch its glitter

So fragile were they, so very frail

That pollen powdered beauty..


The hollow glasses


Half hearted laughs, faked smiles

Never reaching that wrinkle in the eye

Glossy lips and sparkling teeth

Slim waists and tanned feet

But none of that glitter could hide

What a holllow glass, they felt inside

All up top and a pretty sight

But bereft and drained, of the elixir of life.

#HollowWithin #Empty



Slipping down the face

Like liquid fire

Anguished by the summer heat

I treaded along the lone court

Looking for a seat

Lone not the court, but lone was I

For no friendly face showed up to say ‘hi’

The specked face nerd, as some called

Stood bare like parched ground in drought

Distraught I sunk to a tree’s green shade

But the only shades I saw were blue and grey




I write to unleash.
I write to liberate.
I write because that is who I am.
I write because i believe in the power of words.
I write to spark a change, no matter how small.
I write to inspire.
Yes, i write, to make the world a better place.

My blogging journey has been wonderful, and I hope it unceasingly remains so. However, the summer vacations are over, and its time for me to return to hostel. Since I’m unsure of the time and access to internet I will be having over the next few months, I would like to thank all my lovely readers. I’ll be there, whenever i can. But till den, adiós amigos!
Take care 🙂


A big fluffy cotton ball
Add a shade of white in the blue sky
Making all those funny shapes
Floating there, up and high.

Turning grey, the wool ball
The Earth moistens under the rainy sky
Pouring down those little drops,
Dancing there, up and high

The mass of black and grey, burst open its doors
The rain that revived life
Submerges the land in flood.
It rains catastrophe from up and high

When I sat down to write about today’s prompt, there were news headlines audible in the background, coming from the living room’s television. Disaster, it said. In one of the Indian states, Uttrakhand, a cloud burst had hit the towns, leading to death and devastation.

I pray, and hope you’ll pray along for the safekeeping of those innocent souls.


NOTE: A cloudburst is an extreme amount of precipitation, sometimes accompanied by hail and thunder, that normally lasts no longer than a few minutes but is capable of creating flood conditions. A cloudburst can suddenly dump large amounts of water e.g. 25 mm of precipitation corresponds to 25000 metric tons/km2