The air we inhaled, drawn by the lung

Vibrates in the neck moulded by the tongue

Forms a weapon, deadliest of all

That could be the rise or a fatal fall

Words, these mere words, written in ink

Before you utter, before you mutter, pause and think

They could foster a bond, dripping in sweet

Vary them a little, to be fierce, radiating heat

Your words waged wars, your words brought peace

Your words made promises, that they betray, or did they keep?

A gun without bullets, can bring no hurt

Pen is only mightier than sword, when laced with words

Echoing back and forth, you repeat and rewind

The said and unsaid, sounds of your mind

So before you speak, ponder over once

’cause once said, the damage is done

And this choice of words, makes all the difference.

( A follow-up to ‘the pen’

https://penpalblogs.wordpress.com/2016/11/02/the-pen )


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