A big fluffy cotton ball
Add a shade of white in the blue sky
Making all those funny shapes
Floating there, up and high.

Turning grey, the wool ball
The Earth moistens under the rainy sky
Pouring down those little drops,
Dancing there, up and high

The mass of black and grey, burst open its doors
The rain that revived life
Submerges the land in flood.
It rains catastrophe from up and high

When I sat down to write about today’s prompt, there were news headlines audible in the background, coming from the living room’s television. Disaster, it said. In one of the Indian states, Uttrakhand, a cloud burst had hit the towns, leading to death and devastation.

I pray, and hope you’ll pray along for the safekeeping of those innocent souls.


NOTE: A cloudburst is an extreme amount of precipitation, sometimes accompanied by hail and thunder, that normally lasts no longer than a few minutes but is capable of creating flood conditions. A cloudburst can suddenly dump large amounts of water e.g. 25 mm of precipitation corresponds to 25000 metric tons/km2




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