Let me through- ReFuGe

Let me through, will you?
For I seek refuge
Just for my child, some food and bed
I think I see a light ahead
Across the bars,
In someplace far
The vision is distant
But I do dream
Help me, will you please?
Urge, for my brother’s release
I seek asylum
For I am distraught
It isn’t done as easy as said
But I think i see a light ahead.

Beyond the Fence .


8 thoughts on “Let me through- ReFuGe

  1. Nice Poem . Feel like replying in poem-

    You call me Refugee
    when i cross the border without paying a fee
    You call me a Tourist
    when i cross the border paying paper and fee
    But either way i seek
    a place to live in and food to eat.

    I am not a beggar
    I am but a traveler?
    What is the difference?
    My dwelling time’s permanence?
    In this world who is the one
    that lives forever?

    At one side of border I am a citizen
    on other side i am an alien
    In either case am I but a human?
    Then let me live as a man
    on either parts of the land
    Let me roam free and arrange my own living.

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