I assume most of you would have heard of the this remarkable women, Helen Keller. Despite being deaf and blind, she performed miracles, beyond our extent of comprehension.  Also an American author, political activist, and lecturer, she was the first deafblind person to earn a bachelor of arts degree.

In March 1893, she, along with her teacher Anne Sullivan, and Dr. Graham Bell, went to visit the Niagra falls. In a letter to her mother several weeks later she described Niagara this way,

I wish I could describe the cataract as it is, its beauty and awful grandeur and the fearful and irresistible plunge of its waters over the brow of the precipice. One feels helpless and overwhelmed in the presence of such a vast force.

Nature holds profound beauty. When in its premises, we feel a natural connect, which author and poets over centuries have striven to quote in words.

We don’t need the eye to behold, we do not need the sound to listen, nature needs a soul to feel its warmth. Maybe that’s the reason we close our eyes while praying, because most beautiful things are not to be seen by the eye, but felt by the heart.



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