Bridging the gap

There was a time

When there was no line

No boundaries,  just us.

We need to rebuild, we really do.

Rebuild the homes, destroyed in war

Rebuild the city, that had nature’s wrath

Rebuild the foundations that earthquakes shook

Rebuild the shattered and broken nooks

But before that, there’s something more important that needs rebuilding, Connections.

Maybe a friend of yours you stopped talking to a month ago, maybe your neighbour who complained too much. Your step are small, but the impact isn’t. Maybe if the world sought to rebuild connections, millions of victims of war, would be here today.

A friend of mine, had this as his whatsapp status, and I think, this says it all:

Imagine there’s no country.



5 thoughts on “Bridging the gap

  1. But if there were no countries, I’d be out of business.
    In all seriousness, rebuilding is long process that can only be achieved with everyone’s help. For example, Pyongyang, North Korea was totally destroyed during the Korean War. However, a bunch of Communist countries (e.g., Vietnam, China, the USSR, Poland) came together to help rebuild the capital city. What would have taken decades took just 10 years. Sure, it may have been due to Communist fraternity, but it’s still a testament to how rebuilding is a group effort.


    1. No countries has more of a symbolic meaning in this context. Countries are necessary for efficient administration, protection of cultural and ethinic identities and so on, and truly the world would be chaotic if it were not for countries. The nationalist movements round the globe were for the establishment of independent nations. However,what i meant to comvey was to percieve ourselves as citizens of the globe, to look beyond our reigonal identities and identify all communities as one.
      As for the group effort, each drop counts. It depends on the very situation you are talking about. For example, rebuilding of the community club in the nearby village may need the effort of a handful individuals. But obviously, rebuilding on a larger scale is not a one man job. ( Thanks for sharing the N. Korea fact)

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      1. Viewing humanity as part of a collective community is a great step forward. It’s only when we remember that every ideological, racial, and social barrier is manmade that we can truly connect to the world around us.

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