Vision of the glass

Its a glass half empty

Said the pessimist

Its a glass half full

Said the optimist,

And while they argued, I drank it all!


You may perceive the opportunity as big or small

However you’re lucky to even have one at all.

Drink to your heart’s will, and make each drop count.


The pessimist calls the glass half empty, not because he is complaining or being negative about the situation, but maybe because he feels the need to acknowledge that our resources are limited and depleting, and should be utilized judiciously.

The optimistic calls the glass half full, and that is because he may feel something is better than nothing, and we should be grateful for the every ‘little’ we have been blessed with.

While negativity can’t lead us anywhere, being panglossian doesn’t work either.
Its a REALIST World! and troubles do exist, nonetheless, they are surmountable.


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