Filling in the gap



Born and raised,

Nourished and praised

In whimsical times,

to steady your mind

Yes, they might be different

They don’t agree with all your beliefs

But try for once, to step in their shoes

To see what is it that they really want

Just to see you smile,

They make sacrifices all the while

Yet, you often put them off,

Their hearts bear the scars of that nasty whack

And they do try to hold it within,

But they just can’t see you like that

Cause no matter how old you grow

You will still be their little one.

And while there might be a gap of thoughts and opinion

But its nothing that you can’t fill with the heart’s reunion

One day your parched ears will ache for that sound

Nonetheless ‘a hollow’, will be all that’s left around

So, dear friend of mine,

While, you still have the time

Tell that lovely former generation of ours

That yes, they do mean a lot!

Contemporary Culture and divergence.


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