Composing a Verse

Composing a Verse…

I began to write a verse

Sitting on my desk, thoughtful and immersed

Willing as I was, but with an empty mind

Looked for an inspiration, yet there was none to find

I thought of sparkling waters, and a lushly green plain

Tried to provoke my imagination, but all in vain

Should I make it inspirational, about devotion and duty?

Or an enthralling piece, on nature’s beauty.

Should it be about a benevolent king?

Or a fantasy fiction ’bout a magical ring.

And I tried to weave the lines

Into a nice and beautiful rhyme

Yet, I couldn’t bring myself to compose

Just a few lines of sensible prose.

I tried one last time with all my might

But Alas! No thought came to my sight

And my verse ended as early as it began

Willing to write, as I was, I did all I can

Sitting on my desk, I wished to write something of worth

That day, I had tried to begin, composing a verse.

– Divisha Rastogi ๐Ÿ™‚

Feeling Pensive





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