The bare top..

The bare top..

So meritorious, such a disciplined child!
Don’t you mingle with these notorious and spoilt.
“Would be a pleasure ma’am!” shouts a voice from behind,
“Sit with him? huh, as if we’ve lost our mind”.
‘Don’t pay heed to their disgraceful lines,
They are just jealous,’ says the teacher of mine.
And with the high grades that I got in science and maths,
Also came along my classmates’ wrath.
Few true ones might stand by your side,
But the rest seperate, with a gap huge and wide.
Top is a lonely place my friend,
Have to battle on your own, from start to the end.
Hard as it will be, don’t quit, don’t stop,
When you reach there, the real struggle starts,

To stay…. on the Bare Top…!

– Divisha Rastogi 🙂



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