Hey mom, I miss you

And I know, that you must too

I miss having you by my side

Fondling my head, sitting on my bedside

Mom, I miss that warmth of your embrace

Mom, I miss that reassuring smile on your face.

Mom, I miss the comfort of your lap

I miss watching you stand in the audience and clap.

Today my eyes don’t search the crowd

‘Cause I know mom, there is no one there, shouting out loud

Telling me it’s ok if I make mistakes

No one is there mom, to sacrifice it all for my sake.

Mom, I miss the way you cared about me when I was ill,

Staying awake the whole night, handing me those pills.

Mom, I miss that welcome hug you give me when I return

You took it all on you mom, each wound, every burn.

Mom, I miss being carried away by the smell of what you cook,

Mom, I miss you dressing me up, telling me how pretty I look.

Mom, you can be anything and everything for me,

But mom, nothing ever, can be you.

– Divisha Rastogi ๐Ÿ™‚


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